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Club Grants Scheme

Club Liverpool are proud to have supported a range of community groups and charities in the last year, through the Club Grants Program


Club Liverpool has provided Category 1 donations totalling   $62,124.00 in the 12 months to 31/08/2020 supporting the local community, sport and education.


These recipients are listed below:




Liverpool Neighbourhood 





GymbaROO programs to be run for our playgroups at Cecil Hills, Heckenberg
and two at Warwick Farm.


GymbaROO aims to improve the learning potential and health of children by

providing quality services and equipment, along with current information at

the leading edge of neuro-development and education, in a fun environment

for the child, in an understandable manner for the parents.


The program helps the coming together of all the messages from the senses

to the brain to improve development and learning. GymbaROO teachers

give in depth explanations and the children experience a range of specifically

designed activities in a fun packed session. Music is an important part of the

program. The program offers activities including gross motor, dance massage,

treasure bag, parachute, music and equipment circuit.






Liverpool Neighbourhood 




Business Incubator Online


Business Incubator is a free online program that mimics the face to face

Business Incubator program allowing women from all over Liverpool  LGA 
to join in and start their business.

The program, set up on, allows 
students to create a login

and there they will find videos, documents, and will be able to comment and

chat on that site as well. 


Even though the program content is online, face to face meetups for registration, 

networking and pitch day still occur. This allows women to connect face to face and

still feel supported. The coordinator schedules a regular phone, email or face to face

meeting with the participants to see how they’re developing.

We hope to gain access to tablets or laptops for participants to borrow and

use for the duration of the program.





Casula Public School



The Right Start!


A health and wellbeing project for Casula Public School students and community,

including a healthy free breakfast program to help children to achieve their best

results in the classroom and in the playground. The Breakfast program will be run

by parent volunteers with the assistance of the school.

This project will address healthy food options for parents and guardians by providing

healthy eating sessions and information on cost and time efficient meals. The program

will also provide parents and the wider community with pathways to employment

and further training opportunities such as Food hygiene training.






Liverpool Public School



Friends of Liverpool 


Liverpool Public School values relationships between parents and carers, staff, students,

and the local community. The school has been offering an afternoon tea called

'Friends of Liverpool' for the past 4 years. It is a time and space for parents and carers

to be able to build relationships, trust, and have conversations with staff regarding different

topics. This is a valued time for families away from their children, to be able to create new



Liverpool Public School has 732 students. The backgrounds of these families are mainly

refugees and low socioeconomic. At Friends of Liverpool all ethnicities and

backgrounds are welcome and everyone is treated equally with the respect, time, and

care they deserve. It is a great time of laughter and sometimes tears as parents and carers

open up and share their stories.






Liverpool Neighbourhood 




Learn to Earn Part 3


Learn to Earn Part 3 is a short TAFE course as an addition to the Learn to Earn program which ran

RSA/RCG. This new course focuses on Hygienic Practices for Food Safety and Prepare and Serve

Espresso Coffee, providing the skills and knowledge required to extract and serve espresso coffee

beverages, select and grind coffee beans, prepare and assess espresso coffee beverages and to

use, maintain and clean espresso machines and grinders. It will also provide skills and knowledge

required to use personal hygiene practicies to prevent contamination of food that might cause

food-borne illnesses.


It requires the ability to follow predetermined organisation procedures and to identify and control

food hazards, providing immediate skills to secure employment in hospitality industry

venues such as cafe, club and restaurant businesses. Students will also have the opportunity to

undertake volunteer work in one of our three hospitality social enterprises. When employment

becomes available in one of our enterprises applicants who have the qualifications required to

work in our enterprises will be given the opportunity to apply for a position.






Life Changing Experiences 

Foundation Ltd



The Liverpool We-CARE Project


During the COVID19 crisis, and at least the 6 months following, families will struggle to

manage stricter social restrictions, children being home every day and growing unemployment.

There will be increasing levels of domestic and family violence, drug and alcohol misuse,

child abuse, increased suicide risk, depression, anxiety and self-harm during this challenging time.

This risk is exponentially higher for disadvantaged families and young people – as social isolation

will result in increased levels of hardship leaving them without support, safety, medical attention

or accurate information.

The project will ensure
- regular, supervised connection and contact with other girls in the Liverpool area who are dealing

   with similar challenges
- consistent online and telephone access to a trained Mentor or Youth Support volunteer
- trauma-informed information and education tools to build their capacity to manage the stress

   and isolation of this difficult period
- referral to appropriate agencies and local mental health specialists and provide emergency

- a safety net to ensure these vulnerable girls are not overlooked





Harding Miller Education 




Enabling Girls across  Liverpool Council area to shine


This project aims to support the educational outcomes of 12 high potential girls either living

and/or studying across 12 suburbs in Liverpool Council.


These girls will receive 12 months of unlimited, online homework assistance through 

a program called Studiosity, which provides real-time and 24-hour educational support.

This will occur from July 2020 through to the end of June 2021. This project will assist

Year 9 to Year 12 girls who are socio-economically disadvantaged and who are dealing

with other demanding and stressful duties that are incumbent on them at home,

especially in light of COVID19. 


Established in 2015, the Harding Miller Education Foundation is a public benevolent

institution with a mission to provide practical support to lift the educational outcomes

and career aspirations of high potential girls who are experiencing socio-economic







Total Amount Funded



For more information about how your group can apply for Community Grants visit Liverpool Council


Further information about the Club Grants scheme is also available via ClubsNSW - Club Grants