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Club Grants Scheme

Club Liverpool are proud to have supported a range of community groups and charities in the last year, through the Club Grants Program


Club Liverpool has provided Category 1 donations totalling   $76,537.35 in the 12 months to 31/08/2021 supporting the local community, sport and education.


These recipients are listed below:




2168 Food 4 Life Market


Located in Busby, the 2168 Food 4 Life Market directly addresses critical issues of

food insecurity and social isolation by allowing members access to healthy, quality

and affordable food at a fraction of the usual cost, along with opportunities for

social interaction and community building. This project provides a pathway out of

poverty in assisting those who are struggling financially, a way to not only obtain a

weeks groceries for just $15 but also save money in order to manage the increasing

cost of living. With an emphasis on healthy eating, the Food 4 Life allows local

residents for just $15 to fill a large grocery bag with general groceries, as well as

select two bags of fruit and vegetables, a box of breakfast cereal and a loaf of bread

estimated to be worth $80-100. The market targets low income and single parent

families with an emphasis on providing access to food for those who would usually

go without. With an average of 40 shoppers weekly, the market has an impact on

approximately 200 people (particularly families with children) indirectly on a weekly





Subsidising Vital Preventative Health and Wellbeing Education for Disadvantaged
Children in the wake of Covid19


This project will deliver 50 subsidised Life Education preventative health and
wellbeing sessions to the most disadvantaged schools in the Liverpool LGA. In the

wake of the Covid19 pandemic, preventative health and mental wellbeing

education are more essential than ever as young people adapt and recover. In 2021

some Liverpool schools are not booking due to such uncertain economic times ahead.

Subsidising the Life Education program's cost for the most disadvantaged schools will

ensure children in the lowest socioeconomic households receive Healthy Harold's vital

preventative health and wellbeing program during such a challenging period.




Volunteer Driver Recruitment Training


The Volunteer Driver and Recruitment Training program supports new and existing
volunteer drivers of South West Community Transport. We aim to provide 10-15

Volunteer drivers with the essential training, education and document checks required

to assist 1000-1500 clients 65 years and over (50 and over for aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islanders) registered NDIS participants and their carers living within the Liverpool

LGA. This training will ensure that our drivers can service the community by providing

the safest possible driving experience to our clients and assist with reducing social isolation.




My Liverpool Rainbow Club


The overall aim is to help children with a disability improve their aquatic skills, increase

social participation and facilitate sensory integration in a fun and enjoyable weekend

activity in their local community. Lessons are delivered by qualified teachers assisted

by young local volunteers to demonstrate activities in the pool.





Crunch & Munch


Crunch & Munch is a children's breakfast program that is run in a local school. This program

is aimed to support disadvantaged, CALD, Aboriginal, ATSIC, and low socio-economic families

who reside in the Liverpool LGA by providing them with a healthy breakfast to start their day.

This program is more important now than ever due to the financial impacts on families due to

Covid-19. Statistics from local schools show that 65% of children turn up to school without

having breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Outer Liverpool Community
Services have been running this program with successful funding in Kemps Creek PS,
Middleton Grange PS and Luddenham 
PS for several years. Feedback received from the
local community outlined that they want to 
see this program extended into Austral PS,
as there is evidence that a majority of children turn up there 
without having breakfast.

This program is now being extended to help these children/families by provinding them
with a healthy breakfast to start their day.




Sunshine & Self Care


Sunshine and Self Care is an opportunity for local Liverpool women to re connect, build
friendships and gently access the help they need to recover from the isolation and trauma
caused by the global pandemic. This weekly supportive group will be held in the Liverpool
Women's Health Centre garden, in line with the school term (Term 4 2021, term 1,2, 3 2022).

Morning tea and craft activities will create a welcoming atmosphere for women of all ages
and diverse backgrounds to meet, be guided through mindfulness, stress management and
relaxation strategies as well get assisted referrals to services that match their health
requirements such as appointments with our female doctors, naturopath, acupuncture,
counselling or case work services or externally to other agencies. This non threatening gentle
approach to re- connecting with community is hoped to reverse worrying trends that emerged
during the pandemic such as the down tick in cancer screening rates, increased reported fear
and anxiety, increased social isolation and loneliness. It is also hoped that animating isolated
women with similar interests to rekindle and feed friendships could lead to women
supporting one another, building long lasting social connection.





Stop Think Do - A Program to Improve Children's Social Skills


A Learning Links psychologist will deliver Stop Think Do at All Saints Primary School, a
social skills program that uses practical exercises and activities to help children with their
social and emotional skills. The program will be delivered across 10 sessions to support
children between 5–12 years of age.

Stop Think Do aims to take the emotion out of all problem areas (behavioural, learning,
social and moods) for the vulnerable children at the school and help them to redirect their
energy into problem solving. Emotions are identified and expressed at the STOP stage,
ensuring the brain has the opportunity to THINK about options to solve the problem, and
motivating and skilling the person to DO it.

The Stop Think Do Program is internationally acclaimed with proven success. Children
will learn to solve social problems maturely, control aggression, feel more confident, and
be more acceptable to peers when they participate in the program.












Helping Hand Project


Our charity provides two types of food hampers/packs as well as packs that include other
essential items and hygiene products to Australians that may be experiencing
homelessness or food insecurity and to the homeless including rough sleepers in the
Liverpool district.


This Project has proudly been joint funded with Kemps Creek Sporting & Bowling Club












Total Amount Funded for 2021   = 



For more information about how your group can apply for Community Grants visit Liverpool Council


Further information about the Club Grants scheme is also available via ClubsNSW - Club Grants