Club Liverpool is proud to support our local community in any way we can.

We have been working with Hoxton Park Public School for a number of years to support students and their families, and the Community Hub is a project that's very special to us.

We received this fantastic feedback from the school following our ClubGRANTS contribution.

Silvana Lofaro
Community Hub Coordinator | Hoxton Park Public School

"Where do we start!  I can't thank you enough. The impact your grant has made to our community is exceptional.

Since our program has started we have had the opportunity to Connect, Share & Learn as a community all through the power of food. 

We have women and men coming to our program who rarely ever leave the home, who are now coming to our hub to cook, laugh, connect and learn about something new or different.

In the last few weeks our Cook'N'Connect program has up-skilled -

  • 12 incredible participants with their Full First Aid certification, Food Safety & Handling Skills, 
  • 15 other participants with Cultural First Aid Awareness, 
  • Programs have also been run for the following topics Sushi and the Japanese culture, 4 way Quiches, Crepes, All things Chicken, Kebabs, All things spices, Vegetarian eating, True meaning of Halal, Diwali, henna, dish washing and the coming weeks whave additional presenters educating our Hub on all things
    "waste free cooking" and 'garden to plate', we have our own version of my kitchen
    rule challenge next week and end of year cookie challenge. 

It's absolutely sensational. We have joined forces with a number of community partners and even had the Local MP Nathan Hagarty come this week to join in the celebrations.

From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you for your generosity. 

Our hub members, school students, staff, teachers and extended community are all
extremely grateful and appreciative for your grant.

It definitely made a positive impact in our lives".

For more information about the Hoxton Park Public School Community Hub - CLICK HERE quote