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What is the J.E.M Rewards Loyalty Program?


The J.E.M Rewards Loyalty Program is a tiered level of membership that can be achieved by any Financial Member of the John Edmondson V.C. Memorial Club.


You can start earning points as soon as you become a Club Member. You will begin at our base level OPAL and can continue to earn points when you use your membership card correctly in gaming machines and when making purchases throughout the Club. The more points you earn the more rewards & benefits you receive.


This is just our way to say "Thank you" for your Loyalty and Support of Club Liverpool.


We have Six Levels of Membership that can be attained.
The Qualifying Points required for each level are as follows:



28000 Qualifying Points per Month




16000 Qualifying Points per Month




8000 Qualifying Points per Month




3200 Qualifying Points per Month




1000 Qualifying Points per Month


OPAL    Opal is the starting level for all members.
You will stay in this level provided you remain
a Member of the Club. 


These levels are based on points accrued and maintained over a 3 month period.

Members will move up in tiers each month based on their activity, but will only move down during quarterly review periods.


You can redeem points as often as you like and this will not affect your membership level. 





Questions & Answers


How do I know which tier I am in?

Swipe your membership card at the Kiosk or when you insert your membership card into a gaming machine a letter will be displayed after your name. The letter will represent the first letter of the level you in.

eg. D-Diamond, S-Sapphire, E-Emeral, R-Ruby, T-Topaz & O-Opal.
or alternatively ask one of our friendly staff for assistance


How do I move up a tier?

The tiered rankings are based on actual points accrued. Money spent within the Club earns points & your total accrued points, determines which tier you achieve. This does not include points added through wins in our promotions. Members can also move down tiers, but this is only assessed every quarter, based on the average point accrual during each quarter.


How do I achieve the different tiers of the program?

Reward points can be earned in all areas of the Club including:

  • Bar Purchases
  • Gaming Machine Play
  • Meal Purchases
  • 2170 Bar and Grill 
  • Involvement in member - based promotions

Present your card to staff when making any of these transactions & you will receive points as a % of the purchase. These points assist with achieving a higher J.E.M Rewards Tier. Excludes TAB, Keno and Function purchases.


How can I use my points?

  • You can redeem your points when making purchases at any of our Bars and Dining areas. 
  • You can also Renew your Membership, purchase Bingo Books or Show Tickets. 


What if I don't want to be a part of the Program?

Any member can choose to opt out if they wish, they must inform Membership Staff & they will remain an Opal Tier member who is entitled to the member benefits at an entry level.


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  • Player Activity Statements are available upon request
  • For Terms and Conditions please contact Reception